Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.

Testimonials From Chuck Kocher’s Clients


“Chuck has been my business coach for over three years. He has been an important part of my business during that time. Chuck has helped with all aspects of my business: HR, Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Planning. Chuck has helped me through all the trials and tribulations of building a business. I couldn’t have done it without him." – Jeff Schneider, EFA Services, Inc.
"When I was first introduced to Action Coach in May 2008, my company was suffering from a lack of marketing direction and a lack of financial awareness. I knew there was money coming in, but didn’t quite grasp the overwhelming amount needing to go out to cover day-to-day expenses. After twelve years of 20% per year growth from word-of-mouth referrals, we were suffering the effect of the economy and were ill-equipped to handle the results. We began experiencing cuts to cleaning frequencies and even cancellations of contracts that we had for 20+ years.
With help from Action Coach, we were able to identify weaknesses in the business. We have developed sales tools that have increased our closing rate, by helping our potential clients understand the value of our services and how we are different from our competition. We have more importantly paid down debt to a point we are current on all our obligations and have the capital to pay as we go." – Allen Shipley, President, The Carpet Care Craftsman

"I first met Chuck as part of a professional group and was so impressed with what he contributed to the group. I asked if I could take him to lunch to learn more about him. My thought was, if I knew business owners who were in need of a coach, I might have a good place to refer them. It didn’t take long during that first conversation to figure out that I could really use his help, myself. As a business owner and a professional, I wear a lot of hats. Some of my responsibilities I am formally trained for and some have been [learned through] on-the-job training. Working with Chuck, I realized that I had a number of areas which, if I tweaked, could make a huge difference in my business. Working with Chuck has been the single greatest factor in me turning my law practice from a ‘practice’ to a smoothly operating business. No matter what phase of business ownership or leadership you are in, Chuck brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the table. Be prepared to drink from a fire hose!" – Catherine Hammond Shell, Hammond Law Group

"Chuck, I wanted to send a big thank-you for the coaching that you have provided to me, Alaine, and Serranos Coffee Company in the last few months. To sum it up as easily as possible: just all coffees are not created equal, business coaches are not all the same, either. Chuck, you have distinguished yourself, in a relatively short period of time, to be the cream of the crop. Since you became our coach, the time you have shared with us has been valuable, as well as insightful. You have an uncanny ability to motivate us to complete our projects, keep us focused on what is important, and occasionally push us harder to do better. Much of the material presented by Action Coach is not new to me, but knowing it and doing it are two very different things. Your pushing is as welcome as it is needed." – Carl Nolt, Serranos Coffee Company

Written Testimonials from Chuck’s Clients:

"I have been working with Chuck Kocher, of Action Coach, for one year. The single item that has helped me the most is he holds me accountable to get things done within the schedule I plan. The most important task this last year was hiring a Field Operation Manager, the second highest position in the company. He made sure I accomplished all the necessary steps: creating a new job description, posting a correctly worded job ad, reviewing resumes, speeding up the interview process, and selecting the right person. I was on a very tight schedule. I had four weeks to have a person with the right attitude and qualifications hired. Chuck held me accountable to stay on schedule and I hired a great fit for our company with a few days to spare. I could not have accomplished getting the motivated person I needed without Chuck’s help." – Thomas Baltuskonis, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

"This is a great coaching group. I did not believe in the financial investment of a business coach; however, I have been proven wrong. I would recommend Chuck and his team to other business owners without reservation." – B.S.

"The Action Coach team came along at just the right time for me. I’m clear that my management growth was not keeping pace with my business growth. My business is much stronger already, thanks to my personal development with Action Coach. The entire team appreciates the difference that you’ve made!" – L.M., Administrator for Healthcare Co.

"Without the coaching, I feel our company would not be as strong as we are today. Chuck really challenges us as a team and me as an individual in making sure we are accountable for our actions."-J.R.
"I can only speak for Homecare, but [in] 2008, we achieved more financially than we ever have. We met goals (important ones) for the first time and felt and saw the results. 2009 planning was easy to do and, unlike [in] 2008, I was excited to start working on our goals." – D.W.
"I have obtained personal growth to better use my business skills. I have also developed better business skills." – C.M.
"Using a business coach has changed the way we run our business. Coaching has taught us how to identify the office culture we want and empowered us to make the changes needed. I highly recommend Action Coach to any organization that is interested in positive change for their organization." – E.R.
"February 2008, I took over as Branch Manager. By April, I was so sure I could do the job. After my first few coaching sessions with Chuck, he showed me that I really could. I’ve implemented what I’ve learned into the team. I truly believe we are a better department and will continue to grow huge and offer the best quality of care possible. Thanks, Chuck!" – L.I.
"My personal success through business coaching has been an eye-opener for me because I thought I knew myself pretty well. I have learned that I have more strengths than I give myself credit for. I have learned that my weakness can be changed with hard work and utilizing the tools and techniques Chuck has taught me. I have learned that I need to trust my instincts." – C.V.
"I believe that with the assistance of your coaching, we have grown not only as an office, but as an organization. You have opened up avenues of communication that has been greatly needed. We now receive more communication feedback [and] sharing of information than we ever had in the past. I have greatly benefited from your coaching and I feel that I have grown as a manager and will continue to grow in the future. This program has benefited me as well as my management team." – D.Y.
"Chuck, with Action Coach, has helped me personally to become a better manager. He has given me tools I can use in my everyday work week to help me stay organized, focused, and always looking forward to a successful future." – J.M.
"I have had the pleasure of working with Chuck Kocher as a business coach for the last three years. Chuck has been invaluable in helping me focus my efforts within the business. As a business owner, one can easily be distracted by the crisis of the moment; the coaching process brings one back to the key elements that need attention on a regular basis, in order to achieve a high level of performance. In addition, Chuck has really been of benefit to our organization, working with members of our management team [and] improving our team dynamics. After three years of working with Chuck on a regular basis, I think of Chuck not only as a trusted advisor, but as a friend. As 2007 begins to wind down, it’s easy to look back over the year and see what I believe will prove to be a turning point in the story of our business’ growth and development." – WP President, The Mail Room, Inc.
"This has been a year of milestones for our business. We began the year by purchasing and moving into our own building, which allowed us not only the opportunity to ‘get into the game,’ as far as commercial real estate investment, but gave us over three times as much space than our previous leased facility afforded. We developed a comprehensive marketing plan and were able to hire a marketing director to oversee the systematic execution of that plan. Largely as a result of this, we have been able to add another salesman to our team and, although the year is not quite over, I can safely say that our overall sales volume for 2007 is going to finish up a full 50% over 2006! We’ve made capitol investments in additional equipment and a new service truck, and have been able to do this without squeezing our cash flow too hard. We hired an Office Manager who has taken at least 80% of the administrative detail load off my plate – a huge relief to me! I could go on about many other very tangible evidences of growth and improvement…
More gratifying than any of the preceding milestones, but more easily overlooked by a casual observer, you have been instrumental in helping us make numerous internal process improvements that I believe will be the key to not only continued future growth, but also to creating what every business owner ultimately hopes for: freedom. Many small business owners can create a relatively large income by trading 80+ hours a week of their lives for the money. Been there, done it. It’s not worth the cost to marriage, family, and personal burnout. Now, for the first time, I can see where the availability of money along with the time freedom to enjoy it is in my future. 
If I had to narrow down the benefits I’ve received this year with you as my business coach to just one thing, it would be this: you have helped transform my thinking and approach to business from that of a tactician to that of a strategist. I literally think differently now, which leads to genuine leadership, better time management, better decision making, and ultimately, the success I’ve always dreamed of when I went into business for myself years ago.
Thanks for the great work. I’d always be pleased to share my experiences with anyone who may wonder about the value of your coaching services." – P.S., Peak Structural
"Chuck Kocher really helped us put the vision for our business on paper. Before meeting Chuck, our vision was not tangible because we hadn’t taken the time to get it out of our heads and into an action plan. Chuck helped us articulate our vision and, more importantly, put it into a plan. Thanks, Chuck for helping us move our business forward!" – T.S. & S.B., Splish Interactive
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of stretching, growing and really stepping back and working on my three businesses, and watching as my businesses have changed shape right before my eyes. I would be proud to recommend your services. Thank you, Chuck, for your caring, troubleshooting and fun approach to helping me grow and develop my businesses!" – B.L., Laughrun and Associates
"I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on the work we have accomplished over the past few months, since we started working with you. Your involvement has been a very positive experience for me, personally, and has been of immense value to our organization as we work to create the infrastructure required to take Corbett Systems to the next level.
Prior to working with Chuck, I rarely found or made time to work on strategic planning – tasks that are so important to the growth of our company. The coaching process and your motivation has been a positive stimulus for us. We have carved out the time from our busy schedules to do the things necessary to make progress on our plans.
With Chuck’s help, we now have the foundation on which to build our business. The efforts that we have put into building our vision and our plans have been both a rewarding and worthwhile endeavors and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labor.
I would be happy to discuss the value of your involvement in our organization with other business owners who may be contemplating hiring you. Do not hesitate to give them my contact data. Chuck, thank you for your continued help." – S.D. & S.F., Corbett Systems Development, Inc.
"The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce relies heavily on volunteer outreach to accomplish its book of business. To that end, we place high expectations on our staff and volunteers for the desired outcomes. It has been a personal pleasure and privilege to work closely with Chuck in the areas of the Ambassador Club operations and our Small Business Resource Task Force. His enthusiasm is infectious, his skill sets are state-of-the-art, and his ability to drive complex challenges to simplified, successful outcomes are givens. Simply put, Chuck has made a quantifiable difference in the effectiveness of our organization…we could not have done it without him." – Dave Csintyan – COO, Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce
"As an owner of a local CPA firm that is rapidly growing, I spend a lot of time counseling my clients on business decisions. Recently, I found myself overwhelmed by the demands of my business and I was struggling for direction and structure. Chuck Kocher has been working with me for the past five months, during which time he has helped me look at my accounting practice from a variety of different vantage points. He has provided a refreshingly different perspective on all aspects of my business, including marketing, pricing, employee issues, systematization, and long-term planning. During the past three months, we have added a full-time employee, created a long-term vision and plan, implemented new technologies to systematize the business, begun implementing several marketing strategies, and put in place new strategies and procedures the upcoming 2004 tax season. Chuck has been instrumental in each of these projects. I would eagerly recommend him to any business owner in any industry". CT, Peak Business Solutions, Colorado Springs
"Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude to you for all you have done to help me these past months that we have been working together. I had not even considered working with a business coach until I met you."
"I am operating my business by myself and have plans for expansion and growth. I had all the ideas and plans clearly laid out – in my head. After our first meeting, you had me do a ‘brain dump’ on paper, which we hung on my office walls. This exercise gave us the ability to really drill down into what I wanted to do, how I could achieve my goals, and where I needed to make modifications. Talk about an epiphany!"
“I have implemented my expansion strategy through the purchase of additional franchise territory and am actively servicing my new territory. This new territory began operation in May 2003 and now accounts for approximately 11% of my total revenue. My plans are to establish an office in this new territory and hire the staffing to support it. My coach and I continue to have regular sessions that are invaluable in validating my strategies and putting them into action. I have referred colleagues to Chuck because I do believe that they, too, can benefit from a similar coaching experience. I would be happy to speak with any other business owner who would like to know the value of your work to my business, Molly Maid of Colorado Springs East. Thank you, Chuck for all your help with my business." F.L., National Cleaning Franchise Owner, Colorado Springs/Castle Pines
"Chuck has been instrumental in helping steer our company in the proper direction or, more to the point, away from harm’s way. It is very beneficial for any company – large, small or in-between – to have a coach who they can run ideas by, or even just to exchange ideas. I highly recommend Chuck and Action International to any company that wants to get to a higher level."PA , Publisher, Colorado Springs
"During my time working with Chuck, he has taught me a number of things about being a business owner. The most important thing I have learned is that it is absolutely essential to have a compelling vision for my (your) company. I am convinced that it is true. Without a compelling vision, the business may not survive; at a minimum, it will never reach its full potential. Chuck also helped me stay focused on the task at hand and held me accountable to do fieldwork between our coaching sessions. Since I tend to procrastinate and get sidetracked easily, this is extremely beneficial. Most business owners, including myself, try to juggle far too many things at once.  With his assistance, I was able to prioritize the most important thing each day.
If you are thinking about hiring a business coach, I would highly recommend that you consider Chuck Kocher. You will find that he is a smart businessman with a good sense of humor, tons of energy, and an absolute and genuine concern for his clients." – JK, Consultant/Speaker, Colorado Springs
"Wow! In a single coaching session, Chuck asked us three questions to consider for our business. We did our homework and saved our business over $100K for our new business! Thanks, Chuck!" – G.P. & B.S., Restaurant/Bistro, Castlerock
"Having Chuck as my business coach has created a challenge within me that has constantly made me achieve peak performance. I’ve never been more focused and challenged in my career. Thank you, Chuck" – J. C., Salem Communications, Colorado Springs
"From the time I first spoke with you, regarding my business, I have been thrilled with the level of service and commitment you provided.  You helped me develop the confidence I needed to grow my business. You forced me (gently) to set professional and personal goals. You have become a friend and confidant. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done."C.B., RNHB, Colorado Springs
"I would recommend Chuck Kocher and ACTION International to any business that is, either starting out and wanting to build a great foundation or is ready to take it to the next level. Whatever the case may be, I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit from Chuck’s business coaching.  I have been working with Chuck for over a year and he has helped me identify the things I need to do, to make my business successful. His approach is very methodical and direct. He helped me re-look at my vision, create my business plan and to build a marketing plan that actually delivers great results. One effective program, in particular, was in creating strategic partnerships. This is a concept that would have taken me years to internalize, but through our weekly coaching sessions, Chuck was able to teach me this concept in less than a month. A word of positive warning: working with Chuck is invigorating and challenging. Chuck is a straight-shooter and will hold you accountable for your success; quite simply, he is flat-out passionate about your success. With Chuck’s extensive and broad business background, he sees your potential; he believes in you and guides you on your journey to your destiny. He will nurture you, teach you, then let you run with it!  I consider myself very privileged to have the opportunity to work with Chuck both on a business and personal level." – C.W., Telecommunications Franchise Owner, Colorado Springs
"Chuck has helped me close the gap between my dream and reality. I have over thirty years’ experience helping people grow their businesses, but realized I needed an experienced guide to coach me past my own personal obstacles and make real progress. Chuck is a valuable member of my team. He has helped me organize and implement the re-invention of my business and life into an entirely fresh model that works! Don’t leave your comfort zone without him!" – G. S., President,  Incognito Marketing, Colorado Springs
"The art of focusing is very difficult for a small business owner who wears many hats as I do. Chuck Kocher, through his fun, yet committed style, directed me kindly and firmly to realize what I was not doing to make my business grow. He has been very influential in my recent business growth, from [en]visioning a local business to now an international business. His systems to analyze a business are cutting-edge, quick and thorough. He is patient, supportive and very enthusiastic about assisting in any way possible to make his clients successful." – N.K., Training and Development, Colorado Springs
"I want to express my gratitude for the help you and your team have provided to me and my business. My business is much different than it was six months ago. I have a better vision for the future of my business and clearer understanding of who is my client.  I help people make decisions, which affect their businesses and personal finances. It is easy for professionals like me to focus on the clients’ needs exclusively, forgetting that I have a business, too.
Having a coach helps me run my business better, by keeping my vision in front of me, working and managing my time more efficiently, and serving my clients more effectively. My clients have noticed the changes in my business and, as a result, they are more satisfied and willing to provide referrals. Thanks, again, for your help. I look forward to working with you for some time to come." – G.W.A., CPA, Colorado Springs
"Time Magazine recently depicted baby boomers who’ve retired from a career (or two) and long for one more ‘time at bat’ as ‘bridge careerists.’ In their fifties or early sixties, these greybeards want to invest their considerable skill, experience, and wisdom in a new, meaningful and, if possible, lucrative endeavor. Many come from corporate backgrounds. Most are ready to try something completely different. Some want to become entrepreneurs. I am one of those. As an ActionCOACH Business Coach, Chuck Kocher enabled me to develop such a career option in just seven months. He broadened my understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, inventoried my skill set, enriched my network, then helped me define my vision, develop my business plan, refine my product, and create a marketing strategy. I’m launching my business with confidence, integrity, and efficiency and, already, I’m netting tangible, positive results. Chuck is bright, passionate, compassionate, committed, talented, and visionary. He’s also a person of absolute integrity. It’s not hyperbole to say, ‘Chuck Kocher and ActionCOACH changed my life for the better.’" – P.C., President, ChevyComm, LLC
"The benefit of coaching to my business has been significant. Prior to coaching, my company seemed to have no sense of direction and just moved to the ebb and flow of current market conditions. Action Coach Business Coaching helped me get organized and concentrate on the important things in the company, like marketing and making profitable sales. We’ve doubled our building size in the last year, as we needed the room to expand from the significant growth in sales!" – Tim Van Milligan, Components, Inc.

MasterCOACH Testimonials: Chuck also trains other business coaches to become more successful business owners and better coaches to their clients.

"Chuck’s coaching has allowed me to make a 180-degree turn in my business, for the better. Chuck is a master of mindset change. He has a wealth of knowledge to help me to improve my coaching skills." – Carlos Zubillaga, Action Coach
"I have been working with Chuck Kocher for the past four intensive learning months. During that time, I have spent considerable time focused on my ‘be’ and my ‘why.’ This focus has helped me better understand my life purpose and why being a coach fulfills that purpose. Without Chuck, this is probably a focus that would have been minimized or possibly overlooked. One of the qualities I most value in Chuck is how genuine he is. I know he wants me to succeed and be an exceptional coach. He has been ‘feeding me’ examples and content that is helping me break through barriers that have stood in the way of attaining success. Our backgrounds have several common elements, (i.e., corporate careers, working wives and families with children) so I know his suggestions are based on dealing with experiences [similar to the ones] I am facing. I find this reassuring, motivating, and preferable to listening to someone with no appreciation to my situation. Lastly, I admire Chuck’s passion for this business. I don’t know how he gets everything done that he accomplishes. I can only surmise that it must be because he truly and honestly is committed to helping people succeed. His abundance in the coaching community is unmatched by any other coach. Without question, my discussions with Chuck have helped me accelerate and shorten my coaching learning curve. I am very glad I hired Chuck and don’t want to think about where I would be, had I not made that enlightened decision." – Jeff Lovejoy, Action Coach  
"Working with Chuck Kocher as my coach has impacted my life in so many ways. Chuck’s steady guidance and coaching has significantly increased my focus and discipline. My approach to my business has changed 180 degrees from what it used to be. He has helped me realize my talents and abilities and kept me focused on the end game, so building my business is not a chore and I can enjoy what I truly love to do: coach. My client results and referrals are up and my vision is clear." – Annita McDonald, Action Coach
"Anyone who has listened to the top ten interviews with Brad knows that one of the keys to success is to have a coach. At a minimum, it makes us congruent; at a maximum, like we do for our mentoring clients, it makes us achieve success faster and more efficiently. Aspiring to be amongst the best, I knew I needed a coach and I needed massive accountability. With Chuck as my coach, there is a massive difference and impact in my coaching business. It a journey and a long journey, but having made it previously on my own not very well for three years, my new journey is focused, targeted and on its way to be profitable. Thanks, Chuck!" – Lee Munch, Action Coach
"We selected Chuck Kocher as our firm’s coach after attending the North American Conference in Las Vegas this past March. We immediately got to work. Chuck is always supercharged and ready to go. There are so many words one can use to describe Chuck. A few of my favorites are: inspiring, very knowledgeable, wise, direct, insightful, caring, challenging, diligen, excellent communicator, and a delight to be coached by." – Patsy Foxworth, Action Coach
"I have had the privilege of being coached by Chuck Kocher for the last year and have benefited enormously from his inspiration, knowledge and his desire to see me succeed as a fellow business coach and business owner. Chuck has acted as both a mentor and a coach to me and has guided through my first year as a rookie coach in, arguably, one of the toughest market conditions you could wish for in developing a business coaching practice. The success Chuck has found in his own business is founded on a clear strategy, a common goal and a desire to build a hugely successful coaching practice in Colorado has been of great inspiration as we look to emulate a similar model in the UK. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chuck Kocher as both a great business coach to fellow coaches but also as an outstanding coach to the mid-market business community of Colorado." – Neale Lewis, Action Coach