Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.
Are You Ready to Achieve Extraordinary Business and Life
Success and to Live Your Purpose Now?
Do you desire to Be Great, Stay Great and Live Great?
Is there any other option?
Here is your chance to work with one of the top Business Coaches in the WORLD who is an award winning and "Hall of Fame" coach and whose clients have consistently achieved Massive Successes over the past 10 years !

Chuck Kocher, a Certified Master Coach, Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Global Trainer, Speaker and Teacher, works with business owners all over the world who are serious about taking their businesses and lives to exceptional levels! Chuck is a trusted advisor who will coach you, guide you, hold you accountable and keep you on the path that will enable you to achieve sustainable success! 

Chuck’s WHY in life is to use his God-given talents, skills and gifts to help you, your team, your organization and your business to be your very best and to achieve both business and life success.


Chuck knows that the key to success in life and business is to have a burning passion to be the best you can possibly be and to take massive action. He brings 32 years of sales, marketing, leadership, teambuilding and product and business development experience. Chuck is a high-performer in ActionCOACH, Gazelles International and is a Founding Partner Coach with John Maxwell. As your coach, he is committed to lifelong learning and always "working to be the best coach that he can possibly be, so he can teach you to be the best you can be." Your ultimate success is the only measure of his success. Why work with Chuck? Read his Professional BIO here.

"In today’s high-change world, to have a great business and a great life, it is imperative that you out-read, out-learn, out-think, out plan and than  out-perform your competition."  – Chuck Kocher

Whether you want to grow your business, take control of your business and life, increase sales, or create sustainable growth, call Chuck! If you want to generate higher profits, franchise your business, build a passive income machine, develop a powerful exit strategy, or become a true entrepreneur, call Chuck! He has the savvy and experience to teach you how, as well as a powerful network of trusted advisors.

He is passionate about providing world-class coaching, teaching, facilitating and training necessary to enable individuals and business owners to achieve their business and life goals. His primary role as a coach is to help business owners achieve “more with less,” while increasing their sales, profits, and realizing the visions they have for their businesses.

You can book Chuck Kocher as a Keynote Speaker at your next event. Click here for a list of Speaking Topics and Workshops!


Our Brand Promise – Great Results – Proven Practices – Great Connections

Chuck Kocher – A Colorado Springs Business Coach


Great Results

Most important are the results and success of Chuck’s clients, who have been recognized and received local, national and global awards for achievement and performance! Our reputation is built on delivering significant results for our clients. Results in Time, Team, Leadership and Money and more importantly in giving you the Options and the Freedom to live great lives and to Make a Difference in your community and in the world. Our coaching services also have an “iron-clad” guarantee.

*Click here now to read these success stories.

*Click here to watch a YouTube video of Chuck and Katie Carrol from the Southern Colorado BBB.

*Chuck Kocher has received 17 awards from multiple organizations… check it out,  Coaches’ Choice Award at ActionCOACH’s 2010 Global Conference…read more

Proven Best Practices, Tools and Models

ActionCOACH – the leading global coaching organization for high growth Small Businesses

Gazelles International – the leading mid-market high-growth tools and models in the world

John Maxwell Team – the Global authority and thought leader on Leadership and Teams

TopGrading – the best high-growth hiring, retention and development tools in the world

Great Connections

Chuck has developed over the past 10 years some fabulous trusted relationships in Colorado and now all over the world. 

With fellow Trusted Advisors who are the best of the best:



Wealth Advisors

Business Attorneys

Estate and Exit Planners and Attorneys

Business Insurance Providers

And also with Leverage Services Providers who are the best of the best:



Outsourced HR Providers

And an array of other service providers




How Do I Start?

The coaching process starts with creating a powerful vision, aligning you and your business, then creating a comprehensive business plan. Finally, you will build an ongoing ACTION 90-Day goal and execution plan, designed to make your vision a reality. We will also develop your leadership and provide a team alignment program that will help you lead your team to new heights. While you take these steps, be sure to begin reading what the great companies read. Chuck has a list of suggested books.

If you are truly serious about taking the first step to achieving your vision and dreams, there are many fantastic options to explore how ActionCOACH business coaching can work for you, your team and your business. Below are some options to get you started. Simply click each one to find out more.

  1. Take a FREE Business Health Check to gain valuable insights into your business!
  2. Schedule a FREE 2-Hour Coaching Session!
  3. Attend our monthly seminar series, "6 Steps to Building a Great Business," or "Introduction to Business Coaching"
  4. Participate in a 90-Day Massive Action GrowthCLUB
  5. Attend a 2-Day BusinessRICH Retreat
  6. Download the FREE article, "Create a Powerful Vision," from Mentor Magazine, written by Chuck Kocher


"Your success: it’s not just about your business – it’s about your life!"


  "Hall of Fame" Business Coaching:

Backed up by

17-Time Business Coaching Awards Winner


Professional Certifications From The Best Coaching Organizations in the World

2012 Americas ExecutiveCOACH

2012 Coaches Choice AbundanceCOACH

2011 John Maxwell Founding Partner Coach, Speaker and Trainer Certification

2011 ActionCOACH "Global Hall of Fame" Inductee

2010 Global Coaches Choice Seminar/TrainingCOACH

2010 – Gazelles International – Above and Beyond Award

2010 – Americas Coaches Choice BrandCOACH

2009 – Global ActionMan Award

2008 – Present Action Coach Global Top 100 Coach
2008 – Certified Action COACH Executive Coach
2009 – Certified Action COACH Emerald Level Master Coach

2009 – Gazelles International – Certified Coach

2006 – ActionCOACH ExecutiveCOACH Certification

2007 – Inducted in ActionCOACH Presidents Club
2004 & 2005 – COLORADO Action COACH of the Year

2004 & 2005 – COLORADO Action COACH TEAM PLAYER of the Year

2005 – North America ACTIONMAN Award

2006 – Americas Team Player of the Year

2006 Global – Best Group Coaching
2006 & 2007 – Spirit of ACTION Award
2003 – Present – Action COACH Global Trainer & International Speaker
Nominated, 2006 Colorado Springs, Small Business Person of the Year

Voted – CSBJ 2006 & 2007 Best in the Springs

2002 – ActionCOACH Induction Training – October Class

Chuck is one of the ActionCOACH North American Board of Directors of Coaching For A Cause

Chuck is also active and on the boards of national and local non-profit organizations



A Colorado Springs business coach with clients along the Front Range and around the world.